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Why to invest in many food processors, when with my mandoline you can cut all shapes including a precise cube cut without the need of any precutting.

A unique, effective, simple mechanism inverts the mandoline suitable for exact cube shape, slices and strips cutter.

The new patent designed for multi - cutting,

Exact cubes shape, 3 to 10 mm and larger sizes
Stripes,(julienne) in 3 to 10 mm
Desirable thickness slices.

A mandoline type operation, cuts back and forth,

For fast production,
Easy to use with a safety handle.

Very simple mechanism with few parts

The prototype runs effectively for more than two years.
The structure is reliable and strong.
Suitable for professional use and domestic use.
Cheap and simple to manufacture.
The rinsing is quick and easy.

The patent announced by the International searching authority as novel, inventive and of industrial applicability.

Patents applied worldwide

This product will be launched to the market soon


Personal Folding Pedal Boat

Revolutionary Pedaling System that Mimics Animal Swimming

Enables fast sailing, operates without wheels or chains so it is light weight. It's folds to a flat mode for small volume and ready to use in less than one minute, due to its one-piece mainframe structure